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What are your best options for action and resolution?

At Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., we want to hear your story. When you or a loved one is wronged or hurt, it's difficult to find someone to listen to what you have to say, let alone someone to help you understand your best options for action and resolution. With offices in Madison, Wisconsin, our firm skips the pretense, technical legal speak, and red tape and gets to the bottom of your story. Our first job is to listen and our ultimate goal is to help you navigate your case and receive your just compensation.

We win cases because we listen. We win cases because we devote the time and resources needed to defend your rights to the fullest extent of the law. We win cases because we take a thorough, personal approach to the law.

If you live in Wisconsin and are struggling with one of the below legal matters, our compassionate and experienced team of lawyers can assist you in making certain that your story does not go untold.

  • Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we average approximately 40,000 traffic accidents per year across the state that result in injury and approximately 650 car crashes per year that result in death.  Many of these are due to the new epidemic of texting while driving.  These serious car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can leave victims struggling with chronic health problems, such as complex orthopedic injuries, CRPS/RSD, and traumatic brain injuries, financial problems, and even difficulty continuing your career. 
  • Wrongful Death. If you have lost a loved one because of the negligence or wrongful acts of another, you and your family may be entitled to file a Wisconsin wrongful death claim.  In Wisconsin, wrongful death cases are governed by the wrongful death statute - Wisconsin Statute 895.04.  Our attorneys explain who may bring a claim and under what circumstances in plain and easy to understand English right here.   
  • Insurance bad faith and misconduct. When you buy an insurance policy, the insurance company is making a promise to you. However, policyholders often find that when their insured property is damaged, the insurance company that has promised to cover the damages does not fulfill its obligations. Compensation for a fire or smoke damage at your home and business, for example, could be wrongfully denied by your insurance company if you do not know your rights.
  • Traumatic brain injuriesIn the United States, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death for person under the age of 45.  A traumatic brain injury occurs approximately every 15 seconds.  The number of people with a traumatic brain injury is difficult to assess accurately, but it is much larger than most people would expect.  According to the CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are approximately 1.5 million people in the U.S. who suffer from a traumatic brain injury every year.  The leading causes of TBI injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls, blast injuries and sports injuries.
  • Products liabilityOver a million people are injured annually from defective or dangerous products.  This is so because we are exposed to a wide spectrum of industrial and consumer goods on a daily basis - everything from pharmaceuticals and household products to automobiles and machinery.  A defective product generally falls into one of two camps:  Either the product was improperly designed making it inherently dangerous such as a car with an exploding gas tank or a drug with unforeseen side affects; or the product was improperly manufactured such as a hip replacement that fails or tires that blow out.

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At Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., our unique approach to the law includes loyalty to our clients, unparalleled technological innovation, and old-fashioned hard work. Working as a team, we utilize state-of-the-art technology, focus groups, and mock jurors to best tell the story of your case and prepare for possible trial and settlement. At our law offices, we steer away from posturing, intimidating language - and even suits and ties - to instead focus on what your needs are and how we can best serve you under the law.

We want to hear your story. If you have been the victim of insurance bad faith or a traffic accident in Wisconsin, contact us today to learn more about your case. We invite you to a free and confidential meeting where we will listen to your story and answer your questions. To make an appointment, please call us toll-free at (800) 817-3729 or fill out the quick contact form to the right of this page.

Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., serves clients throughout the state of Wisconsin.  

Practice Areas

Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

There are very few things worse than living through the sudden loss of a loved one.  This pain is all the more difficult to bear if the loss was caused by the negligence of another.  At Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., we have helped many families through this difficult process and have brought justice for the family members left behind.  

Car & Truck Accidents Car & Truck Accidents
Helping victims of Wisconsin traffic accidents recover just compensation, personal injury lawyers Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., handle cases related to car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, hit and run accidents, DUI accidents, and bicycle crashes.
Products Liability Products Liability
Have you been injured by a hazardous or defective product?  Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., handles product liability cases of all types including injuries from household goods, industrial products, recreational equipment, defective machinery and chemical/pharmaceutical products.
Insurance Company Misconduct / Bad Faith Insurance Company Misconduct / Bad Faith
Have you been treated unfairly by your insurance company – perhaps when they unjustly deny, delay, or don’t pay your valid claim? At Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., we help Wisconsin residents in insurance bad faith situations get the treatment and compensation they deserve.
Traumatic Brain Injuries Traumatic Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. The impact on a person and his or her family can be devastating.