Expert Trial Attorneys Serving You

At Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., we have three lawyers. We are all partners in the firm. We have all been recognized by our peers as experts in the personal injury field. The lawyer you meet in your first office visit is the same lawyer who will handle your entire case from start to finish. We don't pay celebrities to pitch our firm. We don't spend millions of dollars on TV advertising. Why? We aren't trying to get the most cases. We don't have monthly quotas. We turn down more cases than we accept. We are looking for the right cases, the right clients, the right causes. Our evaluation of your case may differ from an opinion you have received from a high-volume firm. New clients typically come to us by referral from other lawyers who recognize our commitment to excellence, or from current and former clients who were pleased with the work we have done.

If you are interviewing law firms to select the one that will get you the best results for your case, come and see what a high-quality, low-volume firm made up exclusively of expert trial attorneys can do for you.