Protecting You After A Car Or Truck Accident

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pain

    Pain is a warning signal intended to protect you from harm. It is part of your instinctual mechanism of survival. Pain causes a reflex withdrawal which is directed by the nervous system.

  • Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    The insurance company has refused to make a reasonable offer of settlement on your injury claim. We have filed suit on your behalf. We have sued the responsible people and their insurance companies with a document called a Summons and Complaint.

  • Are You Partially Responsible For The Accident? Separating Facts From Fiction

    We have often heard from members of the community that if someone is involved in a car accident that person is partially responsible "just for being there." This popular comment is not based upon the law.

  • Claim denied because of a "preexisting condition?

    One common defense tactic in defending a claim for personal injuries is to allege that the injured person’s continuing problems are not from the collision but rather result from a preexisting condition.

  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents

    Most commercial drivers are careful. However, not all drivers have the same high commitment to safety. This may be due to individual negligence or pressure put on the driver from the company to meet time quotas.

  • Distracted Driving/ Drunk Driver Caused Accidents

    At Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., we understand how an injury interrupts every aspect of your life. We know that many injured people carry chronic pain. No one wants to be called a whiner or a complainer and many chronically injured people just solider on.

  • Does Your Health Insurer Get Paid When Your Case Is Resolved?

    When someone is injured in an accident, they typically need medical treatment. There is a common misconception that the at fault driver's insurance company will pay your medical bills on an on-going basis.

  • Is someone watching you? Surveillance in personal injury claims.

    For me, when I think of surveillance, I think of the movies. The image that comes to mind is a couple of guys with can headphones listening in on phone conversations while sitting in the back of a nondescript van.

  • Motorcycle And Moped Accidents

    Mopeds are a convenient way to run errands and travel shorter distances. But operators and passengers of both mopeds and motorcycles are also much more vulnerable to injury.

  • Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

    Madison is a beautiful city and one that is made for walking and biking. However, there are also roadways where bicyclists and pedestrians have to compete with cars.

  • Phantom Motor Vehicles in Wisconsin. Can You Bring a Claim?

    It is not uncommon for people to be injured in what are known as "miss and run" accidents. These are accidents where, for example, another driver crosses the center line and forces the victim off the road causing a serious accident.

  • Recent Legislative Changes Under Governor Walker Change Auto Insurance Law

    Although the debate over changes in laws relating to collective bargaining gathered the overwhelming majority of the attention by the media and public, prior to that debate the legislature passed some bills that significantly affect consumers' rights in the context of automobile insurance.

  • Recreational Vehicle, Boating And Jetski Accidents

    Most recreation vehicles and personal watercraft are a source of entertainment and fun. So it can be especially shocking when a day of leisure turns into a tragedy.

  • Talking on a cell phone while driving as dangerous as driving drunk?

    According to a highly-publicized 2003 study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, cell phone distractions cause an estimated 2,600 traffic deaths every year, and 330,000 accidents.

  • The Defense of Recreational Immunity in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has a statute, Sec. 895.52, which limits the liability of property owners when a person is injured while engaging in recreational activity on their property.

  • Understanding Auto Insurance in Wisconsin

    You buy auto insurance to protect yourself, your family and your assets. Changes in the law regulating auto insurance were adopted by the Legislature in 2009.

  • What Is An Umbrella Policy? 5 Reasons You Need This Coverage

    An umbrella policy provides added protection for you in the event other applicable insurance coverage is exhausted. Umbrella policies may provide coverage in the event you injure someone else or in the event someone injures you.

  • When can you stack your underinsured or uninsured motor vehicle coverages together?

    On January 16, 2013, a Wisconsin appellate court resolved an issue that has been highly contested between consumers and their insurance companies over the last several years.

  • Wisconsin Semi Truck Accidents

    There is a popular myth that an accident case involving a semi truck is not much different than a case involving two passenger vehicles. There are many reasons why truck accident cases are different - here are ten.