What obligations does my insurance company have to me when I make a claim?

An insurance company must treat you fairly. There are many things they have to do and many other things that they are forbidden to do. We have tried to make a simplified version of the law on this subject and put it together in what we call the Policy Holder's Bill of Rights. Some of these rights are:

  1. An insurer must treat its insured's interests with the same consideration it gives its own interests.
  2. The claims adjuster has a duty to help the policy holder with the claim.
  3. The insurer must promptly and fairly investigate every claim.
  4. If payment is owed, an insurer must promptly pay the claim.
  5. If the insurer denies a claim, it must give an explanation to the policy holder.
  6. The insurer must disclose significant facts to its policy holder.

Again, insurance companies must treat insureds fairly and reasonably. If an insurer violates one or more of these rules, it may have committed bad faith.