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Drunk Driving Accidents: What to Do After a Drunk Driver Hits You

Driving under the influence is against the law, but that doesn’t stop negligent drivers from engaging in this dangerous act. Unfortunately, one person’s wrongdoing can cause another person substantial injury and hardship. Each year, thousands of people suffer injuries and death as a result of impaired driving.

Here’s what to do in the aftermath of a collision with a drunk driver.

Call 911

The first thing you should do after an accident is call 911 and request assistance from EMS and law enforcement, particularly if you believe the other driver is intoxicated. When officers arrive, they’ll talk to you and the other driver to gather crucial details.

There are roughly one million arrests for impaired driving made each year. If the other driver is intoxicated, law enforcement officers won’t hesitate to arrest them.

In the days after your accident, the police can take the information they gathered from the crash to create a detailed police report. Police reports play a vital role in substantiating collision claims.

Seek Medical Treatment

When you suffer injuries in a collision, you’ll receive emergency medical care at the scene of the crash. Even if you do, however, it’s recommended that you follow up with a healthcare provider to better understand the extent of your injuries and ensure that you get the appropriate treatment.

Medical records are important for your collision claim. These documents can help you recover fair compensation for your accident-related losses, including medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.

Don’t Accept Any Settlement Offers

It’s not uncommon for the other driver’s insurer to contact you with an offer to settle your claim. Refrain from accepting any settlement offer before you have a knowledgeable lawyer review it.

Agreeing to settle quickly benefits the insurance company, not you. As soon as you sign, you’ll receive a check, and your claim will be closed — pursuing additional compensation after settlement isn’t an option.

Early settlement offers won’t usually cover all of your accident-related expenses, which means that if you settle, you’ll likely end up with much less than you could have won.

Meet With a Lawyer

Schedule a consultation with an accident attorney as soon as possible after your collision. A qualified lawyer can provide much-needed advice, support, and guidance.

Some of the many things an attorney can do for your case include establishing liability, determining the value of your claim, and negotiating for a fair settlement on your behalf. When you hire an attorney to handle your claim, you can feel confident that your case is in the right hands.

Get Legal Assistance From a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney After a Run-In With a Drunk Driver

If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver, don’t wait to speak with an accident attorney. The legal advocates at Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C. have decades of experience representing clients injured by negligent parties.

Our dedication to our clients and passion for pursuing justice have earned us respect and recognition within our community. We’ll protect your rights and fight for a beneficial outcome for your case.

When you’re ready to take the first step toward monetary recovery, contact our firm to schedule your complimentary consultation. Our capable lawyers are ready to discuss your case.

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