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Car Accident Risks Are Just as High in Autumn

The kids are back in school and the breezes are getting cooler. You don’t need us to tell you that fall is right around the corner. Unfortunately, autumn not only brings these things but also an increased risk of car accidents. Educate yourself on the risks and how to avoid them to keep you and your loved ones safe this fall.

More Darkness

When autumn comes around, the days get shorter, and the nights get longer. So make sure your headlights are on and take all extra precautions when driving at night.

School Zones

­­School zones cause many accidents each year. Although school zones save lives, they can also take them. Be sure to follow the school zone speed limits and stay alert.

Driver’s Education Courses

Student drivers begin to take classes in the fall. They can add danger on top of the common risks of the road. Be aware of the young drivers, give them the space they need, and be respectful to them on the streets.

School Athletics

When school athletics start, they often run and work out on the side of the road. Make sure you are driving carefully when on roads where they may run. Be sure to give space when you pass them and slow down.

Animals Preparing for Winter

Animals who are preparing for winter change their habits when autumn comes around. They begin to collect food and stock up for the winter months. They begin to cross the roads and act more frantic than they do in the spring and summer.

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