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Careful Planning May Prevent Careless Accidents

A truck traveling on a Wisconsin highway at 67 miles per hour can go the length of a football field in about three seconds. That is roughly the same time it takes to dial a phone or glance down at a center console. Therefore, it is important that all truck drivers take steps to reduce the risks of driving while distracted. For instance, a driver could choose to make a phone call after pulling over to the roadside.

A driver can also use a Bluetooth headset to make and receive calls without the need to look away from the road. One easy planning idea is to change a radio station or program a GPS before leaving a rest stop. Those who need to eat while on the road can at least unwrap their sandwich or put a straw in their cup before they start driving.

No one expects a truck driver to completely eliminate all instances of distracted driving. Instead, the goal is to prevent as many careless accidents as possible. Drivers should consistently scan the road for potential hazards such as cars that slow down unexpectedly or objects that appear on the road with little warning. Drivers are also encouraged to work for motor carriers that make safety a top priority.

Those who are hurt in trucking accidents may experience serious injuries such as broken bones or concussions. An attorney could help an injured victim obtain compensation in a truck accident caused by a distracted driver. Compensation may pay current and future medical bills in addition to other damages. Witness statements, driver statements and police reports might establish that a truck driver was not paying attention to the road when the accident happened.

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