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Dane County Verdict on Intersection Accident Case

Outcome: Verdict

Our client was proceeding through an intersection on the east side of Madison when a motorist pulled out from a stop sign directly in our client’s path resulting in a substantial collision.

Our client was shaken up, but thought that he was okay. Over the next few days, he became increasingly sore and stiff in his neck and upper back.

He began treating with a local chiropractor several weeks after the accident. He also began a course of physical therapy at around the same time.

When things did not improve, he was referred to a Pain and Rehabilitation expert at the UW Hospital and Clinics. Over the next several years he would visit this doctor who gave him injections which provided short term relief allowing our client to continue to work.

The defendant’s insurance company, American Family, contested the claim arguing that our client’s injuries were minor and did not require this much treatment.

Our client’s physician opined that our client had sustained permanent injuries from the car accident and that he would require future medical treatment.

American Family hired their own doctor who testified that our client should have made a complete recovery within 6 months of the accident.

The case was tried to a Dane County jury. Because our client was a Spanish speaker, the entire trial had to be done through an interpreter.

After deliberations, the jury awarded a substantial verdict awarding our client sums for past and future medical expenses, past wage loss and past and future pain, suffering and disability.

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