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Parking Lot Accident

Injuries: RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Outcome: Policy Limits Settlement

We represented a middle-aged male who was proceeding slowly through a parking lot looking for a parking spot when someone suddenly backed out of a parking stall into the side of our client’s vehicle. Our client jammed and twisted his wrist.

While this seemed to be a fairly minor injury at the time, it turned out to be something much worse for our client. The day following this incident, he began experiencing extreme pain and swelling in the hand and wrist that was injured in the accident. He was eventually diagnosed with suffering from RSD.

RSD is an extremely debilitating condition. The part of the body which is affected is often swollen and very painful. This injury affected our client’s ability to earn a living and seriously affected his quality of life as he was in pain literally every day. Our client eventually had a medication pump installed which injected lidocaine directly into his wrist. While this made the pain bearable, he was still left with a very serious and permanent condition.

Initially, the insurance company was skeptical of our client’s condition as they were completely unfamiliar with RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Because of our experience handling cases involving this condition, we were able to convince the insurance company to pay their policy limits.

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