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Serious Injuries From a Visit to the Beer Tent

Outcome: Verdict

Our client was visiting the Packwaukee Beer and Brat Fest when this unfortunate incident occurred. It was held in a park underneath an outdoor pavilion. A temporary bar was set up over which to serve beer and brats. There was live music as well. The event was being run by the local Lion’s Club chapter.

Our client had consumed an unknown amount of alcohol while visiting this event. At some point in the evening, a female patron climbed up on the temporary bar to dance to the music. Evidentially, thinking this was a good idea, our client climbed up on the bar to do the same.

One of the Lion’s members approached and yelled at our client to get down off of the bar. Our client then crouched down to hear this gentleman more clearly. From this point, the versions of events diverge.

The defendant Lion’s club member testified that my client suddenly dove off of the bar on top of him.
Our client testified that the Lion’s club member reached up, grabbed his shirt and yanked him down to the cement floor below. Many patrons of the event gave testimony.

The most crucial testimony came from individuals who did not know either of the two participants and testified that the defendant Lion’s club member had indeed pulled our client off of the bar.

As a result of his fall, our client sustained knee and shoulder injuries requiring a total of three separate surgeries. His surgeon testified that the injuries to his knee were permanent and would require a future knee replacement.

Our theory was that even though our client’s actions were not ideal, he was not hurting anyone and that the defendant did not have the right to take the law in his own hands and hurt someone.

The Marquette County jury agreed and awarded a substantial sum to our client for past medical expenses, future medical expenses and past and future pain, suffering and disability.

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