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Distracted Driving a Major Cause of Auto Accidents

Technology allows work or other pursuits to be accomplished from just about anywhere. Perhaps it’s tempting to use a cellphone when driving, but distracted driving remains a leading reason why motor vehicle accidents occur.

While there is some evidence to suggest the problem may be more prevalent among one generation more so than others, a recent study leads to the conclusion that drivers of all ages need to do a better job of paying attention. One interesting finding is a common theme among all the generations of drivers surveyed: They all think the other drivers on the road are the problem, not themselves.

Of course, anything that takes the driver’s eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind off the task of driving is a distraction. Although cellphone usage and texting receive deserved blame, having kids in the car, eating, using GPS and changing music options are all problematic for many drivers. Even a short distraction at a moderate speed allows the vehicle to travel a significant distance without the proper control by the driver.

Each driver has a duty to drive in a safe manner that does not expose other roadway users to potential harm. Driving distracted is operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner and may also be in violation of the law. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, determining fault might be difficult. Often, insurance companies deny or delay claims or offer low settlements to get rid of the matter. It may be necessary to contact a personal injury lawyer to help ensure that the claim is fairly and adequately settled.

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