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Distracted Driving Major Cause of Car Crashes

Distracted driving can be one of the greatest threats that Middleton residents face on the road. Studies show that distracted driving behaviors are on the rise, even as public awareness grows about the danger of texting and using cellphones while driving. Those who text while they drive are a full six times more likely to have a car accident than those who do not, and those who talk on the phone have a double risk of a car crash. However, the sound of the telltale bings of phone notifications continue to tempt drivers to pay attention to their devices instead of the road ahead.

In Wisconsin, like other states, texting while driving is illegal. Despite the prohibition on the behavior, people often believe that they will not crash or be injured if they text and drive. They overestimate their own abilities to control the car, even while paying attention to other things. According to one study, women were more likely than men to use mobile phones while driving.

In addition, experienced drivers were less likely to drive while distracted. In fact, as the number of years a person had a license went up, the less likely they are to drive while using a phone. While this could illustrate that texting and phones are more popular among younger people, it can also highlight that drivers who have been on the road for longer are more accurately able to assess their capacity to drive well while distracted.

When people drive distractedly, they run the risk of injuring not only themselves but also others around them. Car accidents can cause severe injuries and lifelong disabilities. People who have been injured in a car crash due to someone else’s negligent or dangerous behavior may benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for their damages, including lost wages and medical bills.

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