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7 mistakes book

7 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Wisconsin Auto Accident Case

The goal of this book is to help you avoid the landmines that could damage your case. Simply put, we want to help you avoid being injured twice – once in a car wreck and then a second time at the hands of an insurance company. This book is intended to be a consumer guide, not legal advice or a technical discussion of the law.

We view this book as a “legal first aid kit” for drivers and passengers of automobiles. Like a first aid kit that you keep in your car in case of emergency, we hope that you will read this book and keep it with your first aid kit, so that you can refer to it if the need arises. In the case of understanding how to respond if an accident occurs, an ounce of prevention can save pounds of grief.

– Lee Atterbury, Alex Kammer, and Jason Studinski

Real world guide

The Real World Guide to Buying Car and Motorcycle Insurance in Wisconsin

Consumers need good information from a reliable source about what kind of automobile insurance coverage to buy. In this essential book, Wisconsin attorneys Lee Atterbury, Alex Kammer, and Jason Studinski draw on their years of experience representing victims of car accidents to explain what kind of insurance coverage you really need.

Anyone who owns, drives, or rides in a car in Wisconsin could benefit from this advice before having to deal with the physical and financial consequences of a serious automobile injury.

Lee Atterbury, Alex Kammer, and Jason Studinski provide legal representation for individuals who have been injured in automobile accidents. They serve clients throughout Wisconsin from their offices in Madison and Stevens Point.