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Driving Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers in Wisconsin spend more time on the road than most people in the state and are well aware of the risk of injury and property damage that exists when an accident happens. Commercial trucks are involved in relatively few of the wrecks that take place on roadways, but it is still a good idea for drivers to master methods to avoid accidents.

Speeding is second only to distracted driving as a cause of auto and truck accidents. Big trucks make contact with more force than other vehicles, so it is even more important for truck drivers to control the speed of their rig.

Truck drivers often drive enough in a day to experience different types of weather. Drivers who prepare themselves for all possible weather conditions are better able to protect their health as well as the health of the people sharing the road with them.

Driver fatigue is another cause of truck accidents. Fatigue slows the reaction time of drivers and causes other effects that mimic the effects of drinking and driving. Drivers should monitor their level of alertness and not hesitate to find a hotel or truck stop when rest is needed.

Truck drivers may also spend a lot of time on roadways that are not familiar to them. Drivers distracted by the need to check a map or GPS should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and drive a little slower if it is safe to do so. Proper health maintenance for both the truck and will also help to lower the risk of accidents.

The size of big trucks, along with the time on the road for truck drivers, makes it a necessity for them to exercise the highest standards for driver safety while on the road. Individuals suffering injuries as a result of a trucking accident may improve their chances of receiving proper compensation by working with a personal injury attorney.

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