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Driving Too Slow: A Danger for Other Road Users

Most drivers know that they should avoid speeding, but they might not be aware that it’s illegal in Wisconsin to drive slow to the point where they’re impeding the reasonable flow of traffic. It’s dangerous behavior, and it begets other dangerous behavior as impatient drivers might follow too closely to intimidate the slow driver or angrily pass on the right.

It’s recommended that drivers who are being held up by a slow driver wait a minute. The driver may notice them in the rearview mirror and change lanes. If this doesn’t happen, drivers may flash their headlights. If this doesn’t capture the slow driver’s attention, then gently honking the horn should.

There are several possible reasons why drivers go slow. Perhaps the least excusable is that some drivers are distracted by their phones. Phones, according to the National Safety Council, reduce activity in the parietal lobe by 37%. This means that phone users are impaired in their ability to make judgments based on what’s in front of them.

Some slow drivers may be newly licensed and a little too timid about traveling fast. Others may be seniors whose worsening vision prevents them from seeing the speed limit. Arthritis may have stiffened their joints, too, keeping them from pushing further on the gas pedal.

Someone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a slow driver may be able to file a personal injury claim. Slow driving is, after all, clearly a form of negligence and can usually be proven through a crash investigation and eyewitness testimony. Still, a victim may be deemed partially responsible if they acted aggressively in the face of the slow driver, and they may not achieve the settlement they want. A lawyer could help, though, by negotiating on a victim’s behalf.

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