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Drowsy Driving a Factor in Many Crashes

Wisconsin residents and others celebrated World Sleep Day on March 15. To highlight the importance of not driving while tired, Ford created a special sleep suit. The garment allowed individuals to see what the microsleeps felt like that a driver can experience without even realizing it. Although microsleeps only last for up to 10 seconds, they can make it harder to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Individuals who wore the suit were given a pair of goggles to wear that was connected to a smartphone. They also had weights attached to various parts of their body to further simulate the feeling of driving while tired. While drivers may believe that drowsy driving isn’t dangerous, it accounts for roughly 20 percent of serious car accidents. In some cases, the level of impairment can equal that of being above the blood alcohol limit.

It is important to note that the only way to combat fatigue is by sleeping. This is similar to the concept of only being able to overcome alcohol impairment by not drinking for a period of time. Those who are starting to feel tired while on their way may get a temporary reprieve by napping for 20 minutes. Combined with caffeine, it can be enough to allow someone to drive home safely.

Those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents that were caused by reckless drivers may be able to seek compensation from the responsible parties. Others may also be liable for compensation, such as the driver’s employer or the driver of a third vehicle involved in the crash. Compensation may be obtained either via a settlement or after a jury verdict, and it may pay for lost wages, lack of future earnings and legal fees. Current and future medical bills may also be covered by a financial award.

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