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Drunk Drivers Often Do These 4 Things

As a conscientious driver in Wisconsin, you no doubt try to be as aware of your surroundings as possible when you drive. However, you certainly aren’t responsible for monitoring every action of every other motorist on the road. In fact, your main job is to focus on your own driving, keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times.

So what happens if someone operating another vehicle near you is intoxicated while driving? What if you notice suspicious driving behavior but can’t react in time to avoid collision? If a drunk driver causes you injury, there’s no reason you should be left holding the bag when it comes time to pay medical bills and other expenses associated with your accident.

Signs that indicate possible driver intoxication

It’s not always possible to spot drunk drivers ahead of time. Even if you notice erratic driving maneuvers, you might not be able to distance yourself from the motorist in question, depending on traffic flow and circumstances at a given moment. Nevertheless, the following list describes common drunk driving behaviors that you may have observed before impact:

  • Drunk drivers often sit too close to the windshield. This is because their depth perception is likely impaired due to the amount of alcohol in their systems. Intoxicated drivers tend to “hug” the wheel and sit far forward in their seats.
  • Many drunk driving accidents occur because vehicles veer out of their proper lanes of traffic. If the driver who hit you drove in the wrong direction on the road, chances are high that he or she was acting under the influence of alcohol.
  • Any car that bumps into a curb or nearly hits parked cars along the roadside is cause for concern.
  • Keeping up with current traffic flow is a great challenge for an intoxicated driver. Therefore, if you notice a car braking erratically, as well as traveling far under or above posted speed limits, there’s a good chance impairment may be a factor.

Beyond getting immediate medical assistance if you’re involved in a collision, there are other issues likely to cross your mind in the aftermath of the accident, such as who is going to pay your medical bills and other expenses associated with the crash.

Tap into available resources

Long after your physical injuries heal, you may still suffer negative consequences from a drunk driving accident. The emotional trauma of the situation may impede your recovery. You might also have to take time off work without pay during your recuperation period.

Other Wisconsin accident victims have sought justice by seeking recovery for their losses in court. When the court awards compensation for damage to recovering victims, they can use it to offset accident-related costs.

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