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How Autonomous Vehicles Affect Crash Coverage

The development of autonomous vehicle technologies may be of interest to many people in Wisconsin, especially with the potential they pose for improving vehicle and driving safety. Car crashes cause over 100 deaths across the country every day, and many manufacturers and enthusiasts look at the development of self-driving cars as a way to mitigate the level of human error that can be dangerous on the roads. However, autonomous technology has not yet reached the level of truly self-propelled vehicles. While such cars are in development, the most common technologies are those that are designed to assist a human driver by highlighting potential dangers and helping them avoid crashes.

Like all human technologies, autonomous driving systems can also be flawed; while they are designed to circumvent human-caused motor vehicle accidents, some experts have noted that human programmers can make similar errors. Many of the accidents that have garnered media attention have not been the fault of the semi-autonomous technology. In some cases, human drivers relied too much on the technology that is only meant as an assistant, allowing the car to keep going while taking their own eyes and attention off the roadways.

The media coverage itself has caused controversy with business leaders and executives in the autonomous vehicle industry arguing that too much attention is paid to relatively safe cars. However, the developing technology is newsworthy to a wide swath of people.

As autonomous technology is still under development, the vast majority of car crashes continue to be caused by negligent human drivers. Motor vehicle accidents can cause severe injuries or even death, and people who have been injured in a crash may wish to work with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney may be able to help accident victims seek compensation for the harms they suffered as a result.

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