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How to Avoid Car Accidents in the Winter

Winter presents a challenge to many drivers in Wisconsin. Read below to learn more about how to stay safe in the winter.

Keep your windows visible

The trunk, roof and hood of your vehicle should get swept of all snow before you get on the road. It is especially important that your rear-view mirrors and back and front windows are free of ice or snow. This is because ice on your windows or mirrors can make it more difficult for you to spot other vehicles or people, which can lead to a motor vehicle accident.

Keep an emergency supply kit and your gas tank full

If the gas in your car gets too low, your fuel line is more vulnerable to freezing, which can cause a motor vehicle accident. You can avoid this situation by keeping your gas tank full. In addition, you can get prepared for the winter by putting an emergency supply kit together and placing it in the trunk of your vehicle. This emergency supply kit should include items such as trail mix, sleeping bags, jumper cables, blankets, etc.

Stay calm

Sometimes, you can’t avoid slippery roads when driving in the winter. If your vehicle slides on the road you are driving on, remain calm. Over-correcting may cause your car to swerve, making a bad situation worse. Once your car begins to slide, simply take your foot off the gas and turn the wheel in the direction the car is sliding. To avoid your vehicle sliding all together, step on the breaks very gently as you are driving.

If you get into a motor vehicle accident in the winter, you might want to speak with an attorney. A personal injury attorney may help you seek compensation for the expenses incurred due to the accident.

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