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What Are the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Living on a Wisconsin farm can be a great life experience for children. However, it can also be dangerous. Studies have shown that over 30 children are injured in farm accidents around the country every day, and if it’s not your child that’s injured, you might end up dealing with a lawsuit.

How can you keep children safe from farm accidents?

A large percentage of farm accidents involve children injuring themselves on equipment. Sometimes, it’s because an adult irresponsibly allowed them near the equipment while it was in use. Other times, the child snuck onto the equipment without the adult’s knowledge. Either way, it can quickly lead to serious injuries.

Many injuries also involve farm animals. A child could get hit, pushed or knocked over by a large animal if they’re not careful. Some animals, like cows and horses, are powerful enough to create a deadly force. If a child gets injured, the adult might not know about it until hours later.

To keep children safe on your farm, consider establishing a “safe zone” where children are allowed to play freely. This can be an area where children enjoy the fun parts of living on a farm without getting near equipment or dangerous animals. Additionally, make sure that an adult is supervising the children at all times. Otherwise, an angry parent might have grounds for a lawsuit if their child gets injured.

What can you do if you’ve suffered from an injury?

Some accidents are simply caused by an individual’s clumsiness. However, other accidents could have been prevented if the people who owned the property had taken the necessary precautions. Talk to an attorney if you believe that you have the grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. The owner might have violated safety laws or been negligent in another way.

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