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Large Truck Fatalities Are on the Rise

Anyone who’s bought a car in the past decade knows that safety features are always improving. The general trend on U.S. roads reflects this. Motor vehicle accidents with fatalities are down almost all the way across the board. The one exception to this is large truck accidents. Wisconsin drivers need to be aware that accidents with big rigs are more likely to involve fatalities.

Defining the problem

There are several reasons that large truck accidents are on the rise. The first is that drivers are more distracted than ever before, even professional truckers. With devices like smartphones and full-color touchscreens in vehicles, there are plenty of reasons a driver’s eyes can stray from the road.

Another issue is fatigue. When drivers aren’t focused on the task at hand, motor vehicle accidents are more likely to happen. While professional associations and safety advocates remind truckers to take frequent breaks, the truth is that this doesn’t always happen. Many truck drivers are on very tight schedules, and they want to perform well by doing everything on time. However, this kind of attitude can lead to serious accidents.

Understanding it all

It’s been over a decade since the last time the federal government looked into the causes of large truck collisions. Many industry groups, including the American Trucking Association, would love to see another comprehensive study. They know that it’s time for accidents to start trending down again.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a large truck, you may be entitled to compensation. it may be beneficial to contact an experienced lawyer to advocate for you. Remember, insurance company lawyers don’t work for you. Their goal is to save money for their employers. You may want to make sure you have someone who is truly on your side.

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