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Phone Use Behind the Wheel Is Prominent Among Millennials

Liberty Mutual Insurance has conducted a Multi-National Distracted Driving Study that shows how widespread the trend of distracted driving is among different age groups. Wisconsin residents should be aware that anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road is a distraction. It can be a visual, aural or cognitive distraction.

The study, which involved 8,000 drivers across the United States and Western Europe, found that 67% of American drivers use a phone while driving to text, send an email or use an app. Sixty percent of European drivers admitted to phone use. Dangerous driving behaviors in general were discovered in 47% of American drivers and 39% of European drivers. Thirty-eight percent of American drivers engaged in speeding.

On both continents, millennials were the worst with regards to phone use. Eighty-six percent of millennials in the U.S. use their phone behind the wheel. Millennials were also more likely than other age groups to keep their phone in a visible location. As for older generations, they are especially likely to use their phones when stopped at a light.

Apparently, most drivers are unaware of the risks they take because 98% of all the drivers interviewed claimed they were safe drivers. Nonetheless, the drivers admitted that phones, in-vehicle touchscreens and even loud children in the backseat can distract.

Distracted driving is a form of negligence, and distracted drivers may be held liable for any motor vehicle accidents they cause. Those on the other side may want to see a lawyer about the process of filing a claim. Victims may be able to recover damages as long as they are deemed less at fault than the other party. When it comes time to negotiate a settlement, the lawyer may speak on the victim’s behalf. When all else fails, the case might go to court.

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