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Preventing Car Crashes With Five Simple Tips

Around 40,000 lives were lost in auto accidents around the country in 2018. Wisconsin motorists should also be aware that every seven seconds in the U.S., someone is injured in a car crash. By following five simple tips, though, they can keep themselves and others from becoming a statistic.

It all begins with the proper vehicle maintenance. An auto expert should periodically check the engine and brakes. Drivers should ensure that the airbag is intact and that there are no electrical issues. The second tip is to avoid driving drunk. motorists are legally drunk they have a BAC of .08 or above, but even a lower BAC can indicate impairment in some cases. Around 10,000 people die in drunk driving crashes every year.

Once behind the wheel, drivers should always keep one hand on it and use both hands for turns and other maneuvers. Fourth, drivers must put away their phones. If they start to use their phones, they will unconsciously take both hands off their steering wheel at some point. Even with one hand, though, operating a phone is dangerous because it’s a visual distraction.

The last tip is to be patient and practice courteous driving. Impatient drivers may run red lights, cut off other vehicles too close and make other risky moves. Aggressive driving can lead to road rage.

People who are injured in motor vehicle accidents often need lengthy and expensive medical care and treatment, and in many such cases, they are unable to return to work during their recovery period. If it can be determined that the accident was due to the negligence of another motorist, they might want to have an attorney’s help when seeking compensation for these and other losses.

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