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Questions About the Bridge Collapse Demand Answers

Many Wisconsin residents were horrified to learn about the pedestrian bridge collapse that happened in Florida on March 15. The collapse occurred in Miami, Florida, crushing eight cars and killing six people just five days after the bridge had been installed.

The collapse is raising several questions. The bridge was still undergoing stress tests, leading people to wonder why the street was not closed and vehicles were able to drive underneath it before the testing was finished. It is unclear if the stress test that was performed earlier that day contributed to the collapse.

There also are questions about the construction of the bridge and whether it was built and installed too quickly. The temporary support beams had been removed before the collapse. The firms that built the bridge had previously incurred safety violations, and one of them had been fined for a previous bridge collapse. People are questioning how the companies were chosen and wondering if one of them, which makes substantial political contributions, won the contract because of that reason.

The answers to these questions might help people understand more about what happened. For the families of those who were killed, getting answers to these and other questions may be important for any wrongful death lawsuits that they might file. They need to get the answers to these questions in order to name all of the parties that were at fault in the bridge collapse as defendants to the lawsuits. People who have lost their loved ones in accidents that were caused by the negligence of one person or multiple parties may benefit by getting help from experienced injury attorneys who can conduct thorough investigations of their claims.

Source: Miami New Times, “Five unanswered questions about the FIU bridge collapse,” Jerry Iannelli, March 19, 2018.

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