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Reasons Car Accidents Occur

There are many different factors that can contribute to drivers in Wisconsin being in an accident. It is the duty of the claims adjuster for the insurance company and the responsibility of law enforcement to determine the causes of an accident and who should be considered at fault. The police require the information in order to know to whom to issue a ticket. The insurance company has to know who is at fault to determine which party should receive a claims payment and the amount of the payment.

Distracted driving is a common cause of car accidents and appears to be on the rise due to the prevalence of technology devices that are brought into vehicles or have become standard built-in features of vehicles. Drivers can be distracted by not only DVD players and cellphones but also children in the back seat and trying to eat or drink while driving. Although multi-tasking is considered a valuable skill in some arenas, it has no place behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Driving while under the influence can also be a reason that a car accident occurs. Drivers who are impaired by alcohol, illicit drugs, over-the-counter medicine or prescription drugs will not be able to fully concentrate on driving, which will increase their chances of being in an accident.

A personal injury attorney may be able to obtain financial compensation for clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. The attorney may review police reports and conduct investigations to determine the parties responsible for an accident and file lawsuits against the negligent parties. Litigation might be used to obtain legal remedy for clients who sustained lost wages, medical expenses, catastrophic injuries and pain and suffering due to the negligent driving behavior of someone else.

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