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Researchers Rank Cities on Driver Safety

Hundreds of car accidents occur in Wisconsin and across the U.S. every day. However, according to a new report by Allstate Insurance, some areas of the country have more accident-prone drivers than others.

For the report, Allstate analyzed its own claims data from America’s 200 most populous cities to find out where the riskiest drivers are located. They found that drivers in Baltimore were the most likely to get into accidents. The average Baltimore driver got into a crash once every 4.19 years. Drivers in Washington, D.C., were only marginally better, getting into a collision once every 4.36 years. Meanwhile, drivers in Boston were third on the list, getting into crashes an average of once every 4.89 years. In comparison, the average U.S. driver gets into a wreck once every 10.57 years.

On the other hand, Allstate found that drivers in Brownsville, Texas, were the safest in the nation, getting into crashes an average of once every 14.95 years. While no Wisconsin city cracked the list for top 10 safest cities, Madison drivers were ranked 11th safest in the U.S., getting into crashes an average of once every 12.2 years. It’s worth noting that accident levels often have more to do with older city infrastructure and complicated road networks than drivers being inherently unsafe.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries that require months of expensive medical treatments. In order to recover medical costs and lost wages, it may be necessary for an injured victim to file a personal injury claim. An attorney could investigate the crash scene and gather evidence that proves the other driver is responsible for the victim’s injuries. As a result, the victim could be awarded a settlement that covers all crash-related damages.

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