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C.H. – Madison, Wisconsin

Closed head injury

I was referred to Alexander Kammer from a friend of mine after I suffered a closed head injury. The injury was the result of a 12′ long 2″x6″ that fell 2 stories hitting me square in the head and sending me to the hospital. Alex, and his team, always kept me very well informed and up to date through every step of the process. Upon our first consultation, Alex gave me a breakdown of what would most likely happen with some general milestones and that gave me great comfort. Once the healing process reached a stable point where we could move forward with a settlement agreement, and/or lawsuit, Alex allowed me to make the choice. There was no pressure from Alex, or his team, to pursue a choice that had financial gain as a priority over healing and closure. Those actions are a true testament to his character and I would recommend representation from Atterbury, Kammer & Studinski to my family and friends.

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