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Automobile accident

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend of 2005, we were involved in an automobile accident, in which the other driver, traveling in the opposite direction, crossed the median and hit us “head on” while traveling on the interstate. Within days of the accident, we received many letters from Personal Injury law firms offering to represent us. However, at the suggestion of our Insurance Company, we refrained from contacting anyone. We were assured that the “settlement” would be fair. And if, after receiving an offer, we were not happy, we could then retain the services of an attorney. It was approximately 2 years, following the accident, surgeries, and rehabilitation before we were presented with an initial offer. The amount offered was embarrassing and insulting. It was at this time that we knew we had to contact an attorney. This is not a specialty of law that we were familiar with. We were not interested in the “ambulance chasers”. We wanted representation from someone highly regarded, professional, yet empathetic. We talked with business associates, friends, and relatives. After what seemed to be a lengthy process, one name surfaced most frequently. Alex Kammer of Atterbury, Kammer & Haag SC, was a strong recommendation. Having not been involved in this situation before, we were naturally apprehensive. However, in was not long into our first meeting that our fears were put to rest. Alex was not arrogant or overbearing. He presented himself professionally, yet, was very comforting to sit with. He reviewed our case and educated us on the process. He was exceptionally empathetic to our concerns, injuries, and overall experience. After our meeting, we knew that we had chosen wisely. Our case against the insurance company lasted about a year and a half. Alex was always reassuring and guided us the entire way. In the end, we were relieved to know that we had reached a satisfactory settlement. We do not think that any other outcome would have been the same with any other attorney. We are extremely grateful.

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