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Minor struck by drunk driver

During high school I was a passenger in a drunk driving accident. My boyfriend and I were on the way to a movie when we suddenly saw headlights coming straight towards us, leaving no time to react. Both cars were going about 45 mph and hit head on. The driver of the other vehicle was severely intoxicated. I had a corneal abrasion, bruises, airbag burns, and glass pieces lodged all over my body. The experience was horrifying.

After the offender’s insurance company made an offer to my family, we had no idea how to handle it but we knew we couldn’t accept such a low offer. Having never been in that situation before, we didn’t know how to go about doing something about the low offer. Finally, the statute of limitations was approaching and we had to do something to take care of it. I remember speaking with a lawyer and having to explain my emotional and physical damages and the lawyer kept asking how much money I thought I deserved. I had no idea.

Then we switched to a new lawyer and hired Eric Haag. Eric immediately got into contact with me and my mother. It was nice for my mother to be informed, but the fact that I received every bit of information as well was very comforting. He was extremely prompt and pushed to get me the compensation I deserved.

Soon I received exactly what we had set as a goal. I went from being afraid to drive a car to studying abroad and have now been able to move on from the terrible accident. I would not have been able to do that without Eric’s help. Thank you Eric.

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