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Tragic car crash

In May of 2005 our 14-year-old son was in a tragic traffic crash. While coming home from school he was hit by a woman who was speeding in a school zone. He was flown flight for life to a nearby hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Never regaining consciousness and the doctors had informed us that he was not going to survive. One of the hardest decisions anyone ever has to make, we had life support disconnected 5 days later. Knowing that this situation was not handled well by the local authorities. In June of 2005 we retained the services of two attorneys who we thought would help us. Because there were so many things that we did not agree with regarding the crash. She was never charged with anything, not even inattentive driving. However, it was proven by an engineering firm that she indeed was speeding. In December of 2009 suit was filed, just before the statute of limitations was to run out. I questioned why things were taking so long and was told that they were taking care of it. After finding out that they weren’t even aware of an upcoming hearing, that was the last straw and I was referred to Attorney Kammer. After years of hearing things will be taken care of, Attorney Kammer did in 3 months what the other two attorneys couldn’t do in 5 years. They kept me well informed of the status of the case and they were very kind and courteous. I have been a legal secretary for a number of years and the professionalism of Alex Kammer and his staff is at it’s very best. I highly recommend Attorney Kammer to represent me in the future.

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