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Car Truck Accidents Testimonials

  • Lee Atterbury was my lawyer in an accident in which I was a motorcycle passenger. More

    I did a great deal of research, including 50 legal Web pages. I thought I knew the area well enough to represent myself and save lawyer fees. I was wrong. He knew aspects of medical expenses that I didn’t learn in all my research. He knew how to deal with insurance people way better than I could have. He possessed knowledge and ways to manage a case that I’m not aware of. He was easy and enjoyable to work with. And he got more money for me than I ever dreamed. R.J.

    Date: 05/18/2018 | Category: Car & Truck Accidents

  • I hired Attorney Eric Haag after suffering serious injuries in an accident. The insurance company would not pay my claim and big law firms were not interested. More

    In January 2012 I fell on the ice and suffered a severe ankle fracture. The injury left me incapacitated for the next two plus months. I was also unable to return to work fulltime for close to four months and the side effects of the injury still remain today. Since the injury occurred in a private parking lot we were unsure of my options. We contacted the owners who put us in contact with their insurance company. The insurance company informed me to have my medical insurance pay the bills. We thought this to be strange and decided to seek counsel. We contacted some of the big firms that advertise a lot on TV and for the most part they said they were not interested. Then, we came to Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., and met with Attorney Eric Haag. From the initial consultation, Eric seemed to take an interest in my case, which made both me and my husband feel that he really cared about what had happened to me. We were extremely pleased with the attention he always gave us during this time. Eric always found the time to speak to us when we called, and promptly returned our calls if he was unavailable when we called. Eric, you do not fit the “typical” lawyer stereotype. You are a down to earth professional who cares about his clients and gets the job done. We were very satisfied with the settlement we received. It was a great comfort to us to have you on our side. We will continue to seek your counsel if we ever need a lawyer in the future. M.K. — Columbia County