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Claim Against Insurance Company Turned into Class Action

After my husband’s sudden passing, I had great difficulty in getting payment from his life Insurance Policy. After several months, I received payment, but the Insurance Company disputed the rate of interest that they were supposed to pay. They also were going to pay the interest over a shorter period of time than they should have. The Insurance company had a claim form that they claimed had not been received until the actual date that they decided to pay the policy proceeds, NOT the actual date they received the form from me along with proof that my husband had died.

Eric Haag was successful in obtaining a substantial settlement in my case to recover the interest owed and for what I had paid to my prior attorney to get the policy proceeds. He also went on to file, and settle successfully, a class action suit against the Insurance Company for doing the same to many others when determining when “proof of loss” is established.

I would highly recommend him and Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C.

D.H. — Lake Delton, WI