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Testimonial for L.G. – Madison, Wisconsin

When it became clear that I would need legal help after an auto accident, I was not sure where to turn. I had met with another personal accident attorney and had no desire to work with him. I was feeling unsure who to trust. A physician referred me to Lee Atterbury.

From the first meeting, I felt comfortable with Lee. This attorney wore a cowboy shirt and spoke conversational English! He was personable, but knowledgeable and serious. I felt confident about working with him. Lee is an expert and talented attorney and a genuine and sensitive person. I felt that I finally had found legal help I could trust.

Lee answered all my questions and gave me a clear and honest idea about what to expect. Lee helped us navigate a very challenging time in our lives and my husband and I were pleased with the outcome. We would readily recommend Lee Atterbury to someone needing an injury lawyer.

L.G. – Madison, Wisconsin