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The Back Seat Is Now More Dangerous Than the Front Seats

For a while, it was common knowledge in Wisconsin that riding in the back seat of a car was a safer option than in the driver’s seat or the front passenger’s seat. However, as technology continues to advance, the front seats have begun to become much safer than in previous years. Here is some useful information regarding the safety levels of the front and back seats in a modern car.

Which is more dangerous?

Over the years, car manufacturers have worked extremely hard to make cars safer. There is a multitude of new technology that has been implemented in modern cars that are specifically there to lower the chances of you getting into a motor vehicle accident. There has also been many safety measures implemented in the front seats to minimize the amount of damage taken in the event of an accident.

The implementation of these new safety features has made the front seats substantially safer than they used to be, so much safer that it is now more dangerous to be in the back seat than it is to be in the front seat. There are airbags in the front seat while there are none in the back, and there are also technology built into the front seat belts that are much more advanced than the tech in the rear seats of most cars.

Seat belt technology

The technology is known as pre-tensioners, and their function is to tighten your seat belt right before an accident to avoid major injury. The technology is much more advanced and functional in the front seats than the back seats, so people in the back are at a higher risk of serious or fatal injuries due to motor vehicle accidents.

Technology is always advancing, so it’s only a matter of time before back seats begin to get upgraded. Until then, keep this information in mind whenever you decide to ride as a passenger in a motor vehicle.

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