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The Pitfalls of Speeding in a Truck

Many truck drivers in Wisconsin are often tempted to drive over the speed limit. In fact, many truck drivers believe that speeding will help them to arrive at their destination faster so that they can make more deliveries. In reality, speeding in a truck can lead to significant risks.

It burns more fuel

Trucking drivers who decide to speed tend to exceed 60 miles per hour. One study shows that for every one mile per hour increase over 60 miles per hour, the truck driver will be losing .14 miles per gallon of fuel efficiency. Speeding to a destination can cost the driver more money, and this could mean gouging into the profits of the delivery itself.

Higher risk for an accident

Truck drivers who decide to drive above the posted speed limit are at a greater risk of being involved in an accident. In fact, one study revealed that the death rate of motor vehicle accidents on the roadway has increased 24% throughout 2020. Trucks can cause catastrophic injury, to begin with. When you throw in a high rate of speed on top of a loaded truck, it becomes even more deadly for other drivers on the roadway.

It wears out tires

Most truck tires are specifically designed to be operated between the range of 65 to 75 miles per hour. When a driver speeds over this designated mile per hour range, it can wear out the tires much faster. At the end of the day, purchasing new treads for the truck can eat into the profit that a driver makes on their delivery.

Speeding is becoming a growing problem in the trucking industry. With so many drivers trying to deliver a large number of products in a limited amount of time, there’s more pressure than ever before to travel faster. However, it’s important for drivers to stay within the recommended speed limit to help reduce their risk of being involved in accidents.

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