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Tips for Safe Winter Driving in Wisconsin

Winter presents a number of challenges for Wisconsin drivers. Roads with sleet, ice or snow diminish the traction between tires and the ground, and stopping distance increases. For this reason, motorists should slow down and keep a distance of at least five or six seconds from the vehicle in front of them. They should apply the brakes sooner when approaching a stop sign or traffic light, but they should not apply them hard.

Accelerating should also be gradual so as to prevent the wheels from uselessly spinning. Starting from a full stop can be especially dangerous, so drivers should avoid coming to a full stop when possible and opt instead to creep up toward traffic lights until they turn green.

On inclines, drivers must not stop. Driving slow is key, but drivers do not want to go so slow that they have to accelerate hard. It all begins with gaining momentum at the flat portion of the road. Once at the crest, drivers must slow down and be on the lookout for oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Drivers with automatic brakes should know that these self-adjust. All the same, they need to know how to brake properly with these as well as with features like electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist.

Those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of another motorist may be eligible for compensation if they were injured. Damages could include things like medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages. To ensure a fair settlement, victims may want to have the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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