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Volvo Plans More Safety Technology for Its Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2017, more than 10,800 people died in auto accidents that were caused by drunk driving. Starting in the early 2020s, Wisconsin drivers will be able to purchase Volvos with safety features that help prevent accidents caused by drunk and distracted driving. The company says it will begin rolling out the features in early 2020. Starting in 2020, the company’s cars will not allow speeds higher than 112 miles per hour.

Volvo made its announcement about the new safety features on March 20. The company says it wants to focus on accident prevention over minimizing the impact of accidents once they happen.

The cars will come equipped with cameras and other sensors that monitor driving behavior. Some of the behaviors that will be monitored are the failure to use the steering wheel or look at the road for an extended period, excessive weaving across lanes and extremely slow reaction times. The cars may take action in response to these behaviors, which could include slowing down or even safely stopping and parking.

These behaviors are also typical of drivers who are fatigued or distracted by their cell phones, although these causes of accidents tend to be harder to assess than driving under the influence. All these behaviors can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents that may cause catastrophic injuries. It is important to determine the at-fault party in these types of accidents because he or she may be financially liable for the expenses of the people who are injured. This may be the case even if the driver is not charged in the accident or is charged but not convicted. The driver’s insurance company may be responsible for compensating injured people but may offer an insufficient amount. An attorney may assist with negotiating or filing a lawsuit.

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