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What Issues Arise With a Rear-End Collision?

Among the most common traffic accidents are rear-end collisions. The aftermath of these crashes could be different from sideswipes and head-on collisions in Wisconsin, but the risk of a severe injury or fatality exists. Unfortunately, many cars get hit from behind while stopped, which may result in terrible injuries. Practicing defensive driving becomes challenging when waiting for a red light to turn green.

The matter of rear-end collisions

Research indicates that nearly 30% of all serious injuries and about 20% of all crash fatalities result from rear-end collisions. Again, one vehicle remains stopped while the other may travel at high speeds, and the laws of physics prove unkind to the stationary vehicle. That said, a car need not travel at a high rate of speed to cause severe injuries or worse. Even a “minor” tap from behind could send someone’s head into the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield.

Often, the vehicle that crashes into someone from behind is at fault. Maybe the driver illegally tailgated the other car, and the lead car had to stop to avoid hitting someone who ran into the street. The minimal distance between the two cars makes a crash unavoidable, and tailgating suggests one driver’s negligence created the situation.

Negligence and rear-end collisions

When there’s negligence, one driver may have a lawsuit against the other. However, the negligent driver might not be the vehicle that hit someone from behind. If the lead driver committed a moving violation or operated a mechanically unsound car, then that driver might be responsible.

Auto liability insurance may cover losses resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Receiving a fair settlement may require intense negotiations, even when it is apparent the other driver was at fault.

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