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What Kinds of Evidence Can Be Used in a Truck Accident Case?

When you’ve been involved in a truck accident in Wisconsin, you’re going to need solid evidence if you want to pursue a personal injury case. Your personal testimony may not be enough. For this reason, it’s important to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident.

What are some important pieces of evidence?

After a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to take photos and videos of the crash site. These visuals can provide irrefutable evidence that might be brought up in court. Once the crash site has been cleaned up, you won’t be able to go back and get pictures of the original crash, so make sure you get the footage when you have the chance. You might also be able to use traffic or business footage if there was a surveillance camera nearby.

Drug testing results can also be a valuable piece of evidence in your case. In some cases, a truck driver might have to undergo a drug and alcohol test if he or she were involved in an accident. The results of that test might prove that the truck driver showed negligence and should therefore be held responsible for the crash.

Truck drivers also required to carry logging devices that record information during their shifts. If a truck driver acted irresponsibly during a shift, that information might be recorded in the log. For example, the driver might have neglected to take the required breaks or might have broken another federal safety law.

How can you pursue a case in court?

If your injuries were serious enough, a simple insurance claim might not be enough. You want to hold the truck driver and the hiring company accountable so no one else has to go through an accident like yours. When you’re interested in pursuing legal action, an attorney could help you take the case to court.

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