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What to Do When a Driver Is Aggressive

Wisconsin motorists may be faced one day with an aggressive driver, which is why they need to know how to safely handle such a situation. It all starts with avoiding any actions that can make the matter worse. People should not make any hand gestures, honk the horn or flash the headlights. They should not make eye contact with the offending driver either, or this may be taken as a challenge to that driver’s sense of superiority.

Specifically, drivers may meet with aggression when one perceives them to be moving too slow on the freeway. In such cases, drivers should change lanes as soon as it’s safe. They should not slow down or speed up as this can close off a passing lane for the angry driver.

Aggressive driving becomes common in traffic jams, too. Drivers should make allowance for it by leaving enough “breathing room” with the vehicle in front so that they can make a quick escape. Perhaps the most important step, though, is defusing one’s own anger and impatience. Drivers could listen to some relaxing music or think reasonable thoughts. In some instances, such as when someone takes a parking spot that they were eyeing, drivers should give the benefit of the doubt (perhaps that driver did not see them).

Many personal injury claims that arise from motor vehicle accidents involve reckless conduct like road rage. Victims of aggressive driving may, if successful, be compensated for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses. If the defendant clearly intended to harm the plaintiff, then the plaintiff may even sue for punitive damages, which go beyond compensation and are meant to punish the offender. Before filing their claim, though, victims may want a lawyer to give advice and guidance.

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