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Why Are People Worried About Electric Car Safety?

Electric cars offer benefits that scores of Wisconsin would-be buyers find attractive. The low maintenance costs and “green” nature powers these vehicles’ popularity, but concerns exist about their safety. Some worry about the effect of collisions on the lighter models, and others may wonder about driver negligence. Often, it is negligence that factors into many auto accidents, be the vehicles involved electric or traditional ones.

Accidents, concerns, and electric vehicles

Electric cars operate on Li-ion batteries, and these batteries provide a replacement for gasoline. In a motor vehicle accident, victims worry about whether the gasoline will catch fire and explode. Since there is no gasoline in an electric model, concerns over fuel combustion don’t arise. However, some may worry about the Li-ion batteries, as they could explode and catch fire.

Some recorded instances of electric car batteries exploding may put buyers on edge. Those persons hurt if a battery explodes may have a case against the manufacturer if the car or battery’s manufacturer was negligent somehow.

Safety features and electric cars

Manufacturers do not appear to ignore concerns about batteries. Some models may come with special safety features that disconnect the battery if a motor vehicle collision occurs. If these safety components don’t work, a lawsuit against the manufacturer could be in order.

Batteries could explode when they overheat, and scorching summer weather may contribute to a disaster. Did the driver know of the dangers associated with driving an electric car on a hot day? Did the driver ignore warning signs of danger? If so, the driver may face negligence claims.

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