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Why rural roads can be more dangerous

Wisconsin drivers may approach driving on a rural road with a feeling of overconfidence. In a way, that is exactly what makes rural roads more dangerous than any other kind of highway. The isolation encourages drivers to do things that they ordinarily would not do when they think that they are sharing the road.

Rural roads are narrow and isolated thoroughfares. People think that police are not in the vicinity and they have more freedom to speed or execute other dangerous maneuvers. This includes passing, which is much more difficult on a two-lane road with possible limited visibility. Also, drivers may be unfamiliar with the terrain as rural roads tend to have their share of twists and turns that unfamiliar drivers struggle to navigate. When one adds dark conditions and scant roadway lighting, the dangers pile up at night. However, the dangers are not realized by many drivers, who instead have a false sense of security due to the isolation.

In addition, rural roads may not be located near any sort of medical facility. Thus, it may take a while for help to arrive after an accident. Minutes matter in serious car accidents, so there is a possibility of injuries getting worse. As a result, one’s vigilance needs to increase on a rural road as opposed to letting the guard down and not paying full attention.

Accident victims who have suffered an injury in an accident on a rural road or any other stretch of roadway have legal rights. They should retain a motor vehicle accidents attorney to represent them as they seek compensation for their injuries. Their attorney may first seek to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. If they cannot reach a deal on their client’s behalf, they might then file a lawsuit in court.

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