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Wisconsin Intersection Safety: Keep These Things in Mind

When you approach an intersection, it can be a stressful driving situation. You might have to cooperate with numerous other drivers simultaneously, so that each of you safely makes it through the crossroads. If one of the vehicles is turning or someone fails to yield the right-of-way, there is a high risk for collision that might result in serious injuries to you or a passenger in your car.

Another factor that poses a potential hazard at intersections is pedestrians. You just never know when someone is going to step into your path, even if he or she does not have the traffic light in his or her favor. Because of these and other issues, intersection safety should always be a main concern to licensed drivers in Wisconsin and elsewhere. If you suffer injury in a collision that someone else has caused, it is also important to know where to seek recovery support.

Ways to reduce risk of intersection collisions

You are always at risk for personal injury when you travel by motor vehicle. However, you have a right to reasonably expect other motorists and pedestrians to adhere to traffic laws and to be alert and cautious as they navigate intersections. The following list includes practical information and ideas to help improve intersection safety:

  • Never proceed into an intersection at full speed, even if you have a green light. It is always safest to slow down and make sure no vehicles or pedestrians are in your path.
  • To safely navigate an intersection, motorists and pedestrians must have a clear field of vision. If another driver proceeds without being able to see around a parked car, a building, tree or other obstacle, you might be the one to suffer for his or her negligence.
  • You’ll always be safer in a crossroads situation if you clearly understand right-of-way regulations. If you approach an intersection and are unsure who should yield, it’s best to let others go first.
  • Secure intersections have traffic lights or stop signs. There is no guarantee, however, that every driver and pedestrian are going to adhere, which means you’re at great risk for injury if someone fails to stop as required.

Intersection collisions often result in catastrophic injuries. In fact, many auto accident fatalities involve incidents that occur in crossroads. Beyond physical injury, it can be quite challenging to recover from the emotional pain and trauma associated with such situations, as well. You might have trouble sleeping, eating or carrying out your typical daily life functions due to post traumatic stress syndrome or other psychological suffering related to your injuries.

Getting the help you need

Many support teams can be helpful during recovery from a Wisconsin motor vehicle accident. Your medical team will likely play a central role in your recovery. You might also benefit from seeking licensed counseling or joining a support group for recovering accident victims. In addition to physical and emotional support, there are experienced legal advocates who can help accident victims seek full financial recovery for their losses in situations where driver negligence was a causal factor in a collision.

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