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Wrong-Way Crash on Wisconsin Highway Kills 3

Every deadly car accident is senseless. There is virtually no time when a fatal crash is anything other than a waste of life, because they are so random and often claim the lives of people who have done nothing wrong.

An example from last January shows how this is far too common.

Wrong-way accident

A two-car collision in Manitowoc County earlier this year illustrates this sad point. Three people were killed on Interstate 43 recently when the driver of a pickup truck allegedly going the wrong way struck them head-on.

This incident took place the afternoon of Jan. 25, according to the Herald Times Reporter. Police believe the truck driver, a 40-year-old man, was going south on I-43 when he crossed the median into the northbound lanes.

The resulting crash was so violent that the truck driver was killed, as were the two people in the minivan he hit. The victims were 62 and 33. 

How did this happen?

Also unclear is what caused the pickup’s driver to wind up going the wrong direction on the interstate. Wrong-way car accidents like this are often the result of distracted driving. A driver focused on his or her cellphone instead of the road can easily drift out of his or her lane and put others in mortal danger. Drunk drivers also struggle to stay in their lanes. Mechanical failure might have been a factor too.

Whenever someone is killed on the road, there are many questions to answer. For grieving loved ones, the best way of getting answers and a sense of justice is to retain an experienced personal injury attorney.

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